Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mobile starter

Mobile Starter:
It is a device to control and monitor agriculture pump set(all type of electrical motor) from remote location using the mobile phone through "missed call".

In India 70% of population engaging in the agriculture. Indian farmers are facing so many problem's to irrigate their field. Some of the problems are:

1. No proper power supply
2. Attack of wild animals and snakes in night time
3. Hazardous while switching on motor in rainy season

How it works?
1. Fix this mobile starter near existing button starter.
2. Make simple wiring between button starter and mobile starter.
3. Insert a fresh GSM SIM card into the SIM card tray.
4. Register the farmer(administrator) mobile number into mobile starter by sending simple SMS
5. Make a call from farmer(administrator) mobile to mobile starter to switch on the motor

In which starter this mobile starter can be fixed?
1. It can be fixed in L&T, Bhartia Cutler Hammer DOL starter and star delta starter.
2. It can be fixed in MEX make Oil starter.

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