Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Irrigation automation for sugarcane

Irrigation automation for Sugarcane

Successfully installed our irrigation automation system for Mr. Parthiban on 29.1.2019

Through this installation Mr. Parthiban achieved many advantages:

1. He feeding water to the crops periodically.
2. Mobitech’s smart phone application helps him to monitor and control pumpset and drip irrigation valve.
3. It protects the pumpset from dry run, over load, phase failure and phase imbalance.
4. No need to rush to the farm every time to feed water.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

What is drip irrigation automation?

What is drip irrigation automation?

Feeding of water to crops/trees through controllers without human intervention.

How Mobitech irrigation automation controllers(dcon) suits Indian farmers?
In India farmers are holding farms as small plots with ground water as water source. Through dcon controller farmer can control and monitor entire farm irrigation system.

What will be my return of investment(ROI)?
In our experience ROI will be maximum 10 months.

What is the minimum area of farm can be automated?
Minimum 1 acre.

What are the advantages?
1. Controller doesn't have holiday.
2. It works 24x7
3. Farmer can get live update through Smart phone.
4. Complete protection of pumpset from erratic electricity.
5. Even feed results in good yield.

What are the suitable crops?
Irrigation automation can be done for drip system and sprinklers for all type of crops/trees.

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Drip irrigation automation for tobacco crop


We installed drip irrigation automation controllers for Tobacco crop at Rajamundry for Mr. Suresh.

Previously Mr. Suresh was feeding his Tobacco crops as per his wish(There is no control he may feed more or less water).

Now we installed our dcon model drip irrigation valve controller. Now he schedule the watering pattern in his smart phone and started feeding since yesterday. "I may get 15% more yield by using this automation", said Mr. Suresh.

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Drip irrigation automation for Agarwood

First time in our history!!

We installed our #irrigationautomation controllers for #agarwood in Sirsi, Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka.


Our dcon controller is capable to feed exact quantity of water for Agarwood trees. In this field we installed 9 numbers of 3” solenoid valve and flow meter to control.


1. Automatic feeding of exact quantity of water to each tree.
2. No holiday for controller.. lol!!
3. Increase in yield...Still many more advantages are there!!!

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