Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Irrigation automation for 5acres of coconut farm

Achieved 100% #preciseirrigation 💧 achieved by Mr. Naraendran

He is owning 5 acres of #coconut 🌴 #farm at #Palakad. He was running out of 👨 man power to feed water.

He approached #mobitechwireless to provide solution to overcome the issue. Yesterday(15.04.2019) we installed automatic drip irrigation valve controller. By this each and every tree receiving 110litres of 💦 water for every 24 hours ⏰ 

Advantages of #irrigationautomation controller are

1. No need to deploy a man power 👨 
2. Feeding of exact quantity of water 💦 
3. Efficient watering
4. Achieve #bumperyield

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Irrigation automation for 50 acres of coconut farm

100% Precise irrigation for #coconut farm

#Mobitech wireless solution made M/s. Krish Farm “100% #Preciseirrigation farm”

Mobitech controller feed exactly 100 litres of water for every 24 hours.

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Monday, April 1, 2019

IoT based irrigation automation for watermelon farm

Drip 💧Irrigation automatic valve on/off controller for watermelon 🍉 by Mobitech

Progressive farmer Mr. Ravichandran from Erode has installed our irrigation automation controller on 01.04.2019

What are advantages?

💦 Exact quantity of water will be delivered to each plant.

💦 Farmer can control and monitor all the parameters through smart phone

💦Still many advantages are there..

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