Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Irrigation automation for 5acres of coconut farm

Achieved 100% #preciseirrigation 💧 achieved by Mr. Naraendran

He is owning 5 acres of #coconut 🌴 #farm at #Palakad. He was running out of 👨 man power to feed water.

He approached #mobitechwireless to provide solution to overcome the issue. Yesterday(15.04.2019) we installed automatic drip irrigation valve controller. By this each and every tree receiving 110litres of 💦 water for every 24 hours ⏰ 

Advantages of #irrigationautomation controller are

1. No need to deploy a man power 👨 
2. Feeding of exact quantity of water 💦 
3. Efficient watering
4. Achieve #bumperyield

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  1. Great tips for efficient irrigation management. Troubleshooting problems with your system is also crucial: observe the throw of sprinkler heads while they're running--a long distance can be affected by wind patterns and change the intended coverage of the heads; evaluate the head-to-head spacing to determine gaps or areas of over-watering; check the controllers to ensure the timers are set properly; etc.